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All Adrien, All the Time

 Very briefly -- thank you all for the good wishes and advice on maintaining wrist health. It is much appreciated. I'm putting my time offline to mostly good use. I admit it's taken me a while to learn to work effectively in a shorter space. There seems to be a...Focus Factor.

A couple of you have commented on the new logo -- that was designed by the lovely and talented annecain.

Also, Reviews by Jessewave has done a surprisingly comprehensive overview of the Adrien English series -- offering dueling (well, not really) opinions from Anchorwoman Wave and Roving Reporter and Commentator Mary M.

I just want to say that I appreciate the obvious time and thought that went into this.  It's sort of encouraging as I slowly work my way through book four -- there's always that stage of writing where you wonder where the hell you came up with the idea that you had anything to say that anyone would want to hear. For me that stage starts at about Chapter Three. 

But we've heard me whine enough about rough drafts so I'll spare you -- and my wrists.

Also -- and thanks to lisabea for pointing this out because I'd totally missed it -- Thank You to Book Mom Utopia for her recent review of I Spy Something Bloody. I have to admit her response to Mark was similar to my editor's reaction to him (although happily not everyone feels this way). Anyway, I appreciate it. 

You know, I'm basically off the web these days, so...if I fail to acknowledge email or comments it's all about the wrists and nothing personal.

And for those of you looking forward to Adrien's next adventure, here's a snippet from DEATH OF A PIRATE KING.

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I Spy...Book Reviews

 Quick thanks for all the kind wishes and good advice for the wrists. I'm trying different things out. The key seems to be STOP TYPING. And that's really not much of a solution.

And thanks also for a couple of early reviews of I Spy Something Bloody. 

Wave must have literally been up when the tide was rolling in.  You can read her reviews -- and interviews -- here (she's got a great interview and contest with Anne Cain coming up).

Sarah who blogs at Rain on the Roof posted here.

And the indefatigable Dakota Flint persisted -- er, posted -- here.

Oh -- and I nearly forgot that Sula posted her thoughts (bitter ones, I might add) on The Hell You Say. *g*

Thank you -- all four of you. 

As for I Spy, I'm slightly amazed the three of you liked the character of Mark as much as you did, since I'm not sure I ever won my editor over with him. It really is fascinating how different the opinions will be of a single work.
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So...what is the deal with Torchwood?

 Because I've now watched three discs on season one and...I don't get it. 

I mean, it's entertaining enough. I don't NOT like it, but what is it that people love so much about it? What makes it the stuff of cult status? 

That Captain Jack has A LOT of teeth, don't you think? Is that a clue to something? I think it must be.

Do I need to just keep watching, and pretty soon the magic is going to hit me with a two-by-four?

Meantime, several reviews I'd like to share. And, as always, thank you to the reviewers -- both for reviewing and letting me know about the reviews. (Because I don't know if you don't tell me.) 

Dangerous Ground is a Recommended Read at Joyfully Reviewed. Also reviewed at JERR. at Night Owl Romance, and at Literary Nymphs

Rainbow Reviews posted a terrific review of Man, Oh Man! Writing M/M Fiction for Kinks and Ca$h. Also, a very nice post in dakotaflint's LJ on how useful she found the book (which is what I mostly hope -- that it will be of real use).

Speaking of Rainbow Reviews, the giant Scavenger Hunt begins June 1st. All comers welcome (you know what I mean). 

And, finally, last but not least, another thanks to Katie Babs for a review on Dark Horse. 

adrien english mysteries

And in other news

 The Adrien English mysteries were reviewed by the Dear Author site. I'm excited any time an M/M novel gets a nod from mainstream romance, so the fact that this was my own work was quite a kick. That Jane actually seemed to like the book was unexpected and unlooked for. Add to this the fact that it's a small press offering, and it's a nice day for M/M writers everywhere. 

And, by the way, I want to thank teddypigfor shoving my work under the noses of so many reviewers and bloggers -- and holding their heads 'til they drank.

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What I Did On My Spring Vacation

One thing I did, which I swore I wouldn't, was bring my laptop. 

Anyway, it's not a vacation exactly, so I can skulk in my hotel room and check email if I wanna.

Sad, huh? I'm SUCH a goof.

Anyway, before I head back into the fray...two quickie reviews that I very much appreciate. 

noseinabook posted a review of DANGEROUS GROUND right here -- or right there, rather. And my faithful enablers -- er, readers -- now have the official title of Fanyons. Fanyons. I find that so funny. 

Not quite as funny as this line: She should have known better than to let herself enjoy a moment of happiness on behalf of the orphans. But funny all the same.

And the other very kind review this one of MAN, OH MAN! Writing M/M Fiction for Kinks and Ca$h comes from jessewave.
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Book Utopia

Just a really quick post. I'm sorting through the answers to yesterday's blog -- yes, laughing my arse off. Some very funny stuff there, although I regret to say most of you missed the point of the exercise, which was to detail possible points of conflict between the two protags, and instead of detailing the points of conflict came up some -- admittedly brilliant -- plot scenarios.

Either way, these were too funny to ignore, so I'm going to tally up and give away a copy or two of the book anyway.

Fictionwise does not seem to have Man, Oh Man up yet, so I've got a call (more like a Edgar Allen Poe shriek) into the publisher. We'll see what's what.

But I wanted to bring to your attention a very well done review site that doesn't seem to get much notice despite the well-written and meticulous reviews. This is
Book Utopia.

She -- BUM (for Book Utopia Mom) as I like to call her -- did a very nice review of The Dark Horse, which naturally endears her to me because not everybody gets The Dark Horse. That's the problem when you write a character who has emotional and/or mental problems. You get these WHY CAN'T HE SNAP OUT OF IT? reviews from reviewers who just want you to have written a different book about a different character. Which, let's face it, is boring for us writerly types. We like to write different books about different characters. Every book can't be about Adrien.

But anyway, even if BUM didn't review my books favorably -- there's never any guarantee of that, after all, and one of these days even Sweetbea, Sula, and CJ may turn on me like mad dogs -- I'd still continue to check out the reviews on this site. They're worth it. So if you have your own private list of reviewers that you check out just for the pleasure of reading, you might add BUM to the bookmarks. She does a point system, which I generally don't care for, and Jeeeeezus she's a tough grader, but she can explain her math, so ... anyway
check her out if you've got time. 

I could probably use her help figuring out these contest on conflict entries...hoooooo boy!

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One Comment Taken Out of Context

Which is never fair to do, but I found it interesting in its implications. It was a request on a list I belong to. The poster was looking for GLBT reviewers. Obviously none of which I have a problem with. But this comment was made in passing.

(And, let me hasten to add, that this review site has every right to limit their reviewing to what they find of interest -- I guess what I mostly find intriguing here is my realization that this casual remark mirrors how I used to feel about sex scenes in genre fiction -- unless that genre was specifically erotica.)

 Not interested in "overly erotic" or sexual fantasy novels but more interested in "serious" literature.

Huh. Thoughts?
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Sounds Like...Hamster

Yeah, exactly. I don't know if I'm coming or going -- I know I wish I was going. I'm drowning here. I guess it's good. Too much work is better than no work...but I'm starting to -- flail. Run faster, little hamster, move those pale, pink, hairless feet.

Anyway, lisabea (who has at long last started her own LiveJournal -- pop over there and encourage her, will you?) posted a really lovely  review of The Dark Horse. The Dark Horse was the first novella I wrote specifically for the M/M and e-book market, and it remains one of my favorites. 

And now back to work -- but thanks, lisabea, for that bright spot in a chilly February morning.
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Man Love Monday

 By the way, I wanted to share the fact that I'm today's interviewee over at Nose in a Book

The lovely and charming Lisabea apparently couldn't find anyone else to interview, so she asked if I'd play, and of course I jumped at the chance. 

Lisa and her compadre Sula do a very nice job reviewing a variety of romance novels (and we've all heard ad nauseum how picky I am about reviews and reviewers). I admit I wasn't familiar with her site until my publisher pointed out a review Lisa had done of Snowball in Hell. But now I'm a fan. The girls are occasionally snarky, but genuinely funny -- and equally enthusiastic when they love something. Oh, and they do that all important thing of supporting their opinions by examples.

Yeah, yeah. I'm not winding up for a tirade, just mentioning in passing....