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The Weekly (okay looking more like monthly) Round Up!

The (rough draft) of The Haunted Heart is now complete at Wattpad. I'll be leaving it up until I expand, edit and publish the final version through regular channels. So enjoy.

I've sold two projects to Carina Press for 2014. Stranger on the Shore (excerpt here) and the sequel to Fair Game (titled Fair Play).

Man Oh Man is now available in digital. You can purchase through Kindle, Nook, All Romance Ebooks and Smashwords.

I have an interview with Max Miller, the narrator of The Darkling Thrush and The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks over at my blog. And also in audio book news, I'm giving away an audio title from my backlist to a randomly selected follower every time my twitter followship jumps by 100 members.

AND I am catching up on all the episodes of the X-Files that I missed.

I think that's all. I'm writing like a maniac right now! A lot of what I'm doing seems to be laying the groundwork for next year, but yes, I am still planning to get The Boy With the Painful Tattoo and Kick Start out for this year. Really. I AM working on them.

In two weeks I am going on vacation. I can't even tell you how excited I am about that.

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Smile When You Say That

The Virginian's pistol came out, and his hand lay on the table, holding it unaimed. And with a voice as gentle as ever, the voice that sounded almost like a caress, but drawling a very little more than usual, so that there was almost a space between each word, he issued his orders to the man Trampas: "When you call me that, SMILE." And he looked at Trampas across the table.
The Virginian
, Owen Wister

It’s been a while since I’ve done a writing post!

Blogging about writing, offering writing advice, is the topic of choice for most writers (second only to promoting the latest book), with -- it seems to me -- the most vociferous opinions proffered by the least experienced scribes. Anyway, nothing triggers enthusiastic conjecture like dialog tags, and since that subject is one of my pet peeves, I thought…why not chat about that and see if anyone else wants to offer some thoughts.

What is a dialog tag, you ask?

“What is a dialog tag?” she asked.

She asked is a dialog tag.

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Somebody Killed His Editor

So the lovely and talented K.A. Mitchell was kind enough to point out that Somebody Killed His Editor is now up on the Samhain Coming Soon page (with a release date of June 16th. I haven't talked a lot about this one, but it's the first book in a new mystery-romance series, with an emphasis on the funny (I dearly hope). So if you don't like the funny or you don't like classic gay mystery, this will not be the book for you.

I have to say that I'm really, really happy with the way Somebody Killed His Editor turned out. It was one of the easiest books I've ever written, frankly. And as we get closer to the release date, I'll be sending out a few ARCs to reviewers, and perhaps run some kind of contest here? 

In other news, Teddy Pig reviewed (and interviewed me a bit) Man, Oh Man: Writing M/M Fiction for Kinks & Ca$h. If I had it all to do again...well, it would be the 2nd Edition. Seriously, I'd interview more folks -- as I now have a better understanding of who the real heavy hitters are in our industry -- but I'd wait to put out that 2nd Edition 'til we see what happens with the Running Press historical romance line. Granted, I think we're all waiting to see what happens there (in line, historical manuscript proposals in hand).

The taking a break thing is going well. I've watched two Woody Allen movies, worked in the garden, eaten some dark chocolate and drunk excellent red wine...read over my notes for The White Mountains...answered emails... I've not read as much as I'd like, but I've restacked the TBR pile. That's a start, I think.

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Reporting From the Sidelines

 Yes, yes, it's coming, it's coming. All right, already. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll throw the book across the room (well, someone will, I guarantee you). I'm...well...maybe not in the zone, but I believe I stepped on the line a couple of times.

In other news, I'd like to thank vdiamond AKA Vincent Diamond for the terrific review of Man, Oh Man: Writing M/M Fiction for Kinks and Ca$h over at Erotic Readers and Writers Association.

I know the book is useful for beginners, but it's nice to hear from my peers -- especially when they share my arcane love of writing and reference books.

I also did a little update with the Two Lips Review site -- they're celebrating their two year anniversary. This was a follow up to an interview I did earlier in the year. Not sure if I ever posted that one or not. 

What else...hey, I took a break and saw a couple of movies. The Dark Knight (thumbs up) and...a movie that is best summed up by the line: "I'm a doctor, Jim, not a former FBI agent!" (No, that line was not in the movie.) Also rented a little horror flick by the title of The Runes. (Yes, Nikki, even now I'm doing my homework.) Which I thought was skillful, intelligent, and pretty damned horrible. 

I'm lining up a number of new projects (for next year, mind) which I hope to finalize shortly -- I'll let you know when I've got something in concrete. Yes, I now sign all my contracts in concrete. We use them to pave the backyard. 

And let's see...a review from Fallen Angels for I Spy Something Bloody. 

That's about it for now. Writing like mad. The wrists are better, largely because I'm still strictly limiting my online time. 

Talk to you soon!
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Is there a doctor in the house?!

 And, by the way, I better not ever find you using a question mark and exclamation point together except in jest. 

Yes, I'm feeling better. I now have my voice back -- and can begin shooting my mouth off again. 

Nikki Kimberling  kimnik  winds up our week-long writing discussion with our final observations on her poisoned prose right here. 

An interesting -- and amusing -- experiment for the Nikster and I. Hopefully you all found it of value as well.

Hope you're all having a terrific Sunday. 
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 I just want to say two things: the man who invented orange-pineapple juice, and made it available in those ready pour containers, was a GENIUS. And...there is nothing better for being sick than watching The Professionals

Wait. That didn't sound right. 

There is nothing for making you feel better -- albeit, tireder -- than watching the lads running, jumping, and -- blessedly -- shooting everything in their path for the long, snuffly minutes before the Nyquil kicks in. 

Anyway, over at 

kimnik's    (Nikki Kimberling's blog), Phase III of the healing process is well under way. This is the part where Nikki, taking my advice -- and a handful of aspirin -- rewrites her scene of romantic passion. Let's see how she did it. 

What do you think?




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I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker, Jim!

The clever and talented -- and funny as heck [info]kimnik  (Nikki Kimberling of -- Blind Eye Books) cooked up a little scheme for her Live Journal whereby she would write a sicky scene of passionate lovemaking -- and then ask me to diagnose and proscribe -- er, prescribe -- accordingly. 

So Part I -- Nikki's masterpiece of mediocrity -- is up
right now. I'll tell you for free, she deserves your respect because writing like that doesn't just happen. You know she worked and worked to get it suitably flat. I take my hat -- whatever the heck it is -- off to her.

And tomorrow I will wave my magic thermometer -- hey! Get it: Ther-MOM-eter? 

Yeah, I scare myself as well. 

Anyway, tomorrow we see what, if anything, can be done to save the patient.



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This Magic Moment

 "He'd spent the last few nights tossing about
and awakened by nightmares, none of which he could recall. Each
retching experience left him drenched in sweat and drained."

Well...YEE-AAH. A night spent retching is indeed wretched.