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[Just Joshin] Notes on GhosTV

I've been trying to read more. For a while there I was only writing or
doing manuscript evaluations, and that's not exactly refilling the
creative well. I mean, we generally decide we want to be writers based
on our love of reading. And yet reading is one of the first things that
gets crossed off the list once one becomes a successful writer and has
less and less free time.

So we've started a monthly reading challenge over at my Goodreads
group. First up, it's Rowan Speedwell's Finding Zach. I read that today
-- I was supposed to be writing, working on Mummy Dearest, which has a
bit of fleshing in to do, but...that's kind of the cool thing about
this new schedule. A work day can be anything from all the promo blogs
I have due for next months' releases, or it could be working on a book
trailer, or it could be writing. It just depends because all these
things need to happen this month.

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And now a word from our sponsor

Well, no.

But...word. Two words.

First word. Sounds like Rainbow Reviews Extravaganza. Actually, it IS Rainbow Reviews Extravaganza. And you definitely want to get yourself over there because they are giving away a bookload of boats. Er...boatload of books. Including a couple of mine. For free. You just have to read some blogs and post your answers in the comment section.

Very easy. You weren't really planning on working today, were you?

Second bit of news -- belated news because I am apparently running as fast as I can just to stay in one place (thank God, the scenery is so nice) -- the ebook for The Art of Dying has been released. Yes, it did take awhile. But look at that spiffy new cover!

What? You can't see it?

Well click right here. And while you're at it, buy the book. The Art of Dying was previously released in print as Partners in Crime 4 -- the pairing between myself and the wonderful Jordan Castillo Price.

Triumph is bittersweet, but more on that later.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our hero is typing, typing, typing....
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Partners in Crime - THE ART OF DYING

Just a very quick note as I am deep in edits for The White Mountains. (I am, Nikki. Swear to God.)

Partners in Crime 4 - THE ART OF DYING is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. True, B&N still has Sarah listed as my compadre in all things criminous, but...that's being corrected even as we gnash our teeth  speak. 

So buy it, read it, say nice things about it. It's our first try so we've got opening night nerves.

And I will talk to you laaaaater.
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The Envelope Please

I'm very pleased to announce my new Partner in Crime will be Jordan Castillo Price. All the finaling stories were terrific reads, and every one of them had something that appealed to me strongly, but Jordan's story, Body Art hit home for me on every level. Memorable and realistic characters, a great sense of place, original and fresh writing, and an entertaining mystery -- I felt her story had all these.

Plus -- and this was a major consideration -- I was looking for a story, a voice, that I thought would pair naturally with my own. So when Jordan was revealed as the author of Body Art, I had to laugh. Amazon has a habit of pairing our work together. Apparently Amazon knew something no one else did.

Although I have to say I've read a couple of books in Jordan's PsyCop series, and I enjoyed them very much.

Anyway, congratulations to Jordan (who you may know here on LJ as   jordan_c_price ). I'm looking forward to a long and successful new partnership.

Also I wanted to express my sincere thanks to all who entered the Wanted contest. Although I didn't get to see most of the entries, I know the editors were pleased with the broad selection of talent.  I was pleased to hear we got such a great turn out of stories.