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All She Wrote - Coming December 28th

Just a quick note about this since I'm going to be signing off for the rest of the year (and we'll save that legendary dialog tag post for next month, shall we?)

So here's the final sales plug of the year. All She Wrote, second book in the Holmes & Moriarity series, is now available for preorder through Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook. Otherwise you can purchase it when it goes live at Samhain on December 28th. This is my final release until possibly April, so...I might seem a little over-anxious. I might even be a little over-anxious.

(The print edition will not be out until next fall -- sorry about that. Samhain waits 9-11 months for the print releases. But it will be out eventually, so take heart.)

Meanwhile, here's the book trailer for All She Wrote. Happy Holidays to you all!
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Do They Know It's Reading?

I just posted on Facebook about the big push this year toward ereaders. I'm thinking of you as I write this, batboy126 . Well, no. Not really. Because you're a dyed in the wool reader. It's the technology you deplore, not the written word. (What does that mean, by the way? Dyed in the wool?)

What I'm wondering, though, is since ereaders seem to be the hip, hot, trendy gift of the season...do all these people realize that ereaders are about books and reading? Because I was standing by the Nook counter at B&N the other day -- JUST LOOKING -- and some of the questions I heard made me wonder whether all these people ordering ereaders for other people quite understand that this is a reading thing.

Books are involved.


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All's Fair

So we survived the fires. A pretty stressful forty-eight hours, but like the Bard says, all's well that ends...with your house not burning down.  Everything's pretty much back to normal although I'm using this as an opportunity to sort through things. There's nothing like having half an hour to decide what of your worldly possessions you're going to save to help you realize you've got one heck of a lot of STUFF. Too much stuff.

Anyway, on the writing news front, I finally finished the rough draft of All She Wrote

The PDF file of In Sunshine or In Shadow is ready to be uploaded to my website.  SOON. Verrrry soon now. Because of the Brave is available in print from MLR Press.

And the main news is, of course, that my latest mystery novel, Fair Game, goes live tomorrow from Carina Press. If you order through my website I actually get a little commission on it, which is certainly nice but not essential. Just buy the darned thing. It's a new publisher and yes, I guess I'm nervous about this release. Why do you ask?

You can also order Fair Game through Amazon for your Kindle.

What else am I forgetting?

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