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Dabwaha - THE SEQUEL

Returning dusty and glorious -- mostly dusty -- from our recent campaign, we find that we are once again scheduled for mortal combat this THURSDAY. Or rather midnight to noon on Thursday. We face our most terrifying foe yet. The Red Queen. Abi Roux. Bring your IP addresses and your most nimble digits to the fray. The battle takes place here. IRREGULARS MASCOT
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A little of this, a little of that...

Two pieces of recent news that I forgot to share.

There is an "interview" with Austin and Jeff from A Vintage Affair on my blog site. In December I was asking readers what kinds of things they would enjoy on my Facebook Fan Page, and character interviews were one of the things they suggested. Since I know everyone doesn't love Facebook, I thought I'd post the interviews on my blog rather than FB. And to keep it interesting, I thought I'd interview some of the less well known characters since I can't promise to do follow up stories for them.

And in other news, A Dangerous Thing, book 2 in the Adrien English series is now available in audio. Chris Patton did the narration honors again (in fact, he'll be doing the entire series this year). You can find A Dangerous Thing at, etc.

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The Zippety Dabwaha Doo Dah

It's that time of year again. Time for the Dabwaha Death Match 3000. This year the IRREGULARS anthology with Ginn Hale, Nicole Kimberling, Astrid Amara and yours truly are fighting our way through a really tough Round 2. 

Astrid has put together some really impressive facts and statistics as to why you should be voting for our book over any and all comers. And as a little incentive, we've all promised to write Christmas codas for our characters if we manage to take the GLBT bracket. It could happen -- with your help!

The voting is here and it runs until just about midnight tonight.

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The FINAL Round

This is it!

Thank you very much to everyone who voted in the first round of choosing the narrator for Armed and Dangerous.

The three winners were...

Bachelor #3

Bachelor #5

Bachelor #6

Congratulations to our three finalists. But congratulations also to all the very talented guys who took part in the first round. The votes were very close and many, many nice compliments were thrown your way.

And on that score, thank you also to all the readers who took the time to vote. Not just vote, but in many cases explain your votes -- or just talk about your love for the stories and the characters. It was very much appreciated.

Now of course we're going to ask you to listen again and vote a final time on who will be invited to narrate Armed and Dangerous.  The numbers have been changed to protect the innocent. Well, to make sure you really give a good listen to each narrator.

The page is here. Voting runs from noon today through Friday, March 15th.

Thank you listeners and Round 1 narrators for participating!

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Dangerous Words -- The A&D Narrator Contest

At last count I'd received over twenty auditions for narrating the audio book for Armed & Dangerous, the collected Dangerous Ground novellas. And about six of those auditions were quite good. Good enough that I could happily have gone with any of the narrators. In fact, they were so good that it became really hard to choose, and I decided maybe it would be fun for you readers to choose.

Anyway, we've made a contest page on my website where you can listen to those six auditions, and even vote for the narrator of your choice.

The webpage is loaded now, though the voting does not begin until Monday.

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Blood Red Whaterfly

So, aside from the fact that I can't stop rewriting, even though the damned thing is in final edits, it looks like Blood Red Butterfly will go live some point this Monday. And to celebrate I (or rather the Fanyons) are throwing to Big Red Launch parties. Two parties for the price of one. There are games and a lot of really nice prizes (if I do say so myself) and just a lot of general goofy fun. None of its complicated or demanding and the fact that we are in our second day doesn't impact joining in right now. You can join in either or both parties -- it's just to celebrate finally having a book out again.

The Facebook party is here.

The Goodreads party is here. 

You are here. (Well, you could be!)