jgraeme2007 (jgraeme2007) wrote,

So long and thanks for all the fish

I woke this morning and realized that I hadn't posted on my LiveJournal account for months. Well, it turns out I hadn't posted in just about a year. In fact, I really haven't posted much here in several years -- which is sad because we used to have such wonderful discussions and debates. But times change and we all move on. For the past few years I've mostly been posting on my own blog. And you can continue to find me there: blog

(And as  write this post I am reminded why I moved camp. Holy moly. The formatting issues just in a tiny post like this one. I'm having to type letters three and four times to get them to show up)

Anyway. You can still find me on Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter (Twitter is announcements only). I'd like to include the links, but once again LJ will not cooperate, so you can find them on the contacts page on my website www.joshlanyon.com. I hope you will want to stay in touch. I do -- but sadly it will not be here on LJ.

Again, thank you for the good times and great discussions. And here's to many more of them both.

Tags: moving on

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