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Explore the Realms of Romantic Fiction


Join Claire Thompson, Lee Rowan and Josh Lanyon in the Realms of Love Chat Castle, Monday December 3. Wondering about ManLove romance writing? Have read some and want to know more? This is your chance. Spend an hour chatting with some of the top authors in the genre. You really don't want to search for the Christmas dish towels just yet. Have some fun with us at Realms of Love, Monday at 9 PM EST.

<input ... >Claire Thompson has just released Odd Man Out with Ellora's Cave:

Ben was ready to move on, tired of Carl’s controlling, dominating ways. Carl, desperate to keep him, convinces him to attend his sister’s wedding, just as friends. There Ben meets David, the devastatingly handsome model and actor, and the sparks begin to fly. Ben and David move quickly, perhaps too quickly, into a romantic love affair ripe with passion that Ben hopes will never end. Carl, still obsessed with his ex-lover, seems bent on destroying his new relationship. His twisted attempts to win back Ben’s heart result in the uncovering of a secret from David’s past so damning he knows not even Ben will able to forgive him.

Odd Man Out explores the very real damage secrets can wreck on our lives, especially those we keep from ourselves. The sizzling passion and aching tenderness shared between the two lovers is not enough to sustain them. In the end, David must find the courage to face his past and embrace the happiness Ben offers. He must learn that trust is as essential as love.

Claire Thompson has written erotic fiction since 1995. Much of her work focuses on the romance of erotic submission, as well as the darker exploration of BDSM. Her most recent work focuses on the romance of male/male romance and erotic submission. Claire has published numerous novels and short stories, both in print and ebook format. Says a reviewer for eCataRomance, “…Claire Thompson draws a compelling, graphic picture of a loving dominant/submissive relationship. Erotic and confronting, yet tender and intimate”.

Claire’s website address is www.Clairethompson.net, where you will find all of Claire’s novels, new releases and upcoming releases, as well as more detailed information about the author.


<input ... >Josh Lanyon says:  At last! A writing book geared to the kind of stories you love to read! Let Lambda Award finalist Josh Lanyon show you how.

Coming this December from MLR Press is Man, Oh Man!: Writing M/M Fiction for Kinks & Cash, his first-ever non-fiction book, Josh takes you step-by-step through the writing process: from how to find fresh ideas and strong hooks, to how to submit your carefully edited manuscript. With a little help from some of the genre's top publishers, editors, reviewers, and writers -- all experts in the field of M/M and gay romantic fiction -- Josh offers insight and experience in everything from creating believable masculine characters to writing erotic and emotionally gratifying M/M sex scenes.

Josh Lanyon is the author of three Adrien English mystery novels, including The Hell You Say, winner of the 2006 USABookNews awards for GLBT fiction -- and a Lambda Literary Award finalist.

Josh lives in Los Angeles, California, and is currently at work on the fourth book in the series, Death of a Pirate King.

<input ... >Lee Rowan has Walking Wounded in print at Linden Bay:

John Hanson joined the military because he wanted to serve his country. Lacking a home and family of his own, the idealistic young man longed to be a part of something bigger than himself. He didn’t expect to find love in officer’s training—so when an assignment took him away from Kevin Kendrick, the love of his life, he sacrificed personal happiness and did his duty.

Kevin has made his own sacrifices. Career came first and the impressionable Army brat, tired of living in his father’s shadow, pledged his loyalty to his country and followed his ambition.

Now seven years later when the Army that Kevin so faithfully served has made him the scapegoat for their latest Middle East snafu, he can only think of one place to go, one man who can provide solace and heal his wounds—John.

Reunited, the two war-torn lovers once again discover their passion for life, love, and one another. But Kevin’s past isn’t through with him yet, and when an old enemy surfaces the two men realize that they must together face the nightmares of the past if they are to have the future they dream of.

Here's a bit about Lee from Lee's Live Journal:

1. Who inspired you to write? Marguerite Krieger Phillips, a little old lady who grew geraniums and wintered them over on her sunporch. She lived down the block from us and wrote plays for children. It was the first time I realized books were written by actual human beings. She was also my first beta, on a god-awful Man from UNCLE story that never got finished, and it's just as well.

2. What's your writing routine? I don't have one and that's probably not good. I get basic ideas, the characters start to wake up and interact, then I plot the thing and start writing. Sometimes scenes pop up, but usually I just start at the beginning and plow ahead. When I'm in production mode I just sit at the computer til the wee hours. Easier to write when it's quiet.

3. Do you want Ioan to make more Hornblower? For him, for the canon, and for the canon fans, yes. He's perfect in the part. Makes no difference to me, I stopped watching after Retribution. I felt sorry for canon HH, but didn't like him all that much.

4. Comfort food? Depends on why I'm uncomfortable. Fresh-baked real bread, Macaroni and cheese, chocolate ice cream... sometimes a nice big salad.

5. What book would you take to a desert island? The Compleat Handbook of Desert Island Survival. Just for reading, either the Lord of the Rings trilogy or -- well, I suppose O'Brian's 20-volume saga would be pushing it...?

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