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Happy New Year from Josh Lanyon

I'm going to keep this simple and sincere. I wish you all health and happiness in 2010. I still don't want to think about next year's projects, so that list will wait till next week.

Meantime, for those of you who purchased the Dark Tide playlist from iTunes, there is a cover that goes with it -- you can download it from my website news page.

As for the three winners of The Dark Tide Playlist, contact me off-list with your email address and I'll be sending your gift code along shortly. The winners are:

Kuhekabir kuhekabir 
Ennorwen ennorwen 
Kazzaml kazzaml 

Also, I'm going to make this easy on all of us -- I'm disabling comments on this post. *g* I'll take your good wishes for granted this time of year. I thank you for your loyalty and generosity through the year. It's my pleasure and privilege to share my stories with you.
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