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On a desert island with you...

That desert isle enchantress Lisabea is mixing drinks and metaphors over on the Desert Island Keepers blog -- where yours truly is the guest today. Drop by and lift a glass with us.

I just want to very quickly thank everyone who has said such kind things about Death of a Pirate King -- especially those of you have had said it where other people can hear.

Thank you to Book Mom Utopia for her recent review. She did surprise me (although I'll leave it to you to figure out how). Thanks also to Lisabea for her nonreview of the book -- probably one of the most touching things I've read from a reader and friend. Lisa did what seemed to be to be the best possible compromise. As we are friends she didn't feel she could objectively review the book, but she liked it so much she wanted to talk informally about it.

Jorrie Spencer also talks about the book. And I know I'm forgetting some other kind mentions. I'm not much on LJ right now -- I'm working on the final chapters of Mexican Heat (yes, it will be out this year -- mostly likely next month) and I'm completely preoccupied with it just now. I hope after this month...

But really, why do I even say it? I've been saying it since the year began. Suffice it to say, I'm grateful for the cards and letters and comments, and I regret not being able to come out and play more often.
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