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 I just want to say two things: the man who invented orange-pineapple juice, and made it available in those ready pour containers, was a GENIUS. And...there is nothing better for being sick than watching The Professionals

Wait. That didn't sound right. 

There is nothing for making you feel better -- albeit, tireder -- than watching the lads running, jumping, and -- blessedly -- shooting everything in their path for the long, snuffly minutes before the Nyquil kicks in. 

Anyway, over at 

kimnik's    (Nikki Kimberling's blog), Phase III of the healing process is well under way. This is the part where Nikki, taking my advice -- and a handful of aspirin -- rewrites her scene of romantic passion. Let's see how she did it. 

What do you think?




Tags: blind eye books, m/m, man oh man, nikki kimberling

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