jgraeme2007 (jgraeme2007) wrote,

I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker, Jim!

The clever and talented -- and funny as heck [info]kimnik  (Nikki Kimberling of -- Blind Eye Books) cooked up a little scheme for her Live Journal whereby she would write a sicky scene of passionate lovemaking -- and then ask me to diagnose and proscribe -- er, prescribe -- accordingly. 

So Part I -- Nikki's masterpiece of mediocrity -- is up
right now. I'll tell you for free, she deserves your respect because writing like that doesn't just happen. You know she worked and worked to get it suitably flat. I take my hat -- whatever the heck it is -- off to her.

And tomorrow I will wave my magic thermometer -- hey! Get it: Ther-MOM-eter? 

Yeah, I scare myself as well. 

Anyway, tomorrow we see what, if anything, can be done to save the patient.



Tags: blind eye books, m/m, man oh man, nikki kimberling, writing

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