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I Spy...Book Reviews

 Quick thanks for all the kind wishes and good advice for the wrists. I'm trying different things out. The key seems to be STOP TYPING. And that's really not much of a solution.

And thanks also for a couple of early reviews of I Spy Something Bloody. 

Wave must have literally been up when the tide was rolling in.  You can read her reviews -- and interviews -- here (she's got a great interview and contest with Anne Cain coming up).

Sarah who blogs at Rain on the Roof posted here.

And the indefatigable Dakota Flint persisted -- er, posted -- here.

Oh -- and I nearly forgot that Sula posted her thoughts (bitter ones, I might add) on The Hell You Say. *g*

Thank you -- all four of you. 

As for I Spy, I'm slightly amazed the three of you liked the character of Mark as much as you did, since I'm not sure I ever won my editor over with him. It really is fascinating how different the opinions will be of a single work.
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