November 11th, 2013

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The Monthly Round Up!

In our last chapter, Josh was writing checks his body couldn't cash. Yep. I got the flu. Big time. About 90 days ahead of schedule AND after I had committed to gettting a flu shot that very week. Which seems pretty damned unfair, but there you go. (How is it that the flu gods know this stuff?)

So...things are running behind schedule a bit. I do still plan to have Kick Start -- Dangerous Ground 5 --  out at the end of the month (Thanksgiving weekend, if all goes well). There's a snippet over on my blog. AND another snippet over on Amber Kell's blog -- that second bit takes place before Kick Start opens.

On the translation front, The Darkling Thrush is now available in French through MxM Bookmarks (you can see the lovely cover in the previous LJ post). It's had a name change, the title, The Shadow of the Sword, named for the legendary grimoire Colin Bliss searches for. Interesting, oui?

Coming in December is the no-longer-secret Adrien English surprise. You can find out more about that right here, along with a glimpse of Catherine Dair's wonderful cover art.

Also in December...per your requests, last year's holiday codas collected in one convenient package. There will be an additional few codas as well AND as promised, Astrid Amara, Nicole Kimberling, Ginn Hale and moi are all putting together holiday codas for our Irregulars stories. Those will be made available on my blog the first week of December. I've had sneak peeks at Ginn and Nicole's stories and they are utterly delightful, as you'd expect.

Oh! Speaking of collections, my Petit Mort stories (previously published through JCP) are now available in one tasty little digital batch. Sweet Spot can be purchased for about a dollar a story through Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, B&N, and Amazon.

Finally, on the audio book front Death of a Pirate King is now available through This is pretty much everyone's favorite title in the series, and Chris Patton does a marvellous job with it. I think you will be very pleased. Only one more book to go!  We also have In Sunshine or In Shadow, a collection of thirteen short stories read by four very talented narrators. Finally, Armed and Dangerous, the Dangerous Ground collection of stories is now complete and headed toward the sales channel.

I think that's about it for now. I can't stand here lollygagging if I'm going to hit all these deadlines. Have a terrific Monday!  GET YOUR FLU SHOTS.