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And to the Ladies and Gentlmen of the Academy...

 Nice review from aspiring writer Sarai for Fatal Shadows. Thank you, Sarai.

I think it speaks to how messed up current mainstream publishing philosophy is -- which basically gives a book 1 - 3 months of shelf life. Fatal Shadows has been around for just about a decade, and it continues to sell in a small but steady stream. Same deal with
Dangerous to Know.

I don't think that's anything unique to Fatal Shadows, by the way --  or my work. I think it has to do with how misguided many industry "experts" are about how readers find and choose books. It's hard for a book or an author to take off within such a small window of time. Of course a lot of this has to do with how many books are published -- and the number is flooring. That's just in mainstream print; calculate in the small presses, the indies -- and ebooks -- and, yes, the chances of a reader finding your book within 1 - 3 months are pretty slim. Unless the reader is already looking for you. On the plus side, with the indies and small presses you have POD, which means your book in theory stays available for a lot longer (assuming you can get it into a store to begin with). And of course ebooks theoretically could stay available 'til Hell freezes over. Depending on how long the publisher feels like listing you.

Anyway, on the topic of readers I had three letters yesterday from readers who had just finished The Hell You Say.Three in one day is quite a bit for me. I usually get an email every couple of days. That's one of the plesures of writing -- hearing from readers who take the time to let you know they enjoyed your work. Me, I'm pretty bad about that -- about personally writing anyone to say how much I enjoyed a book or a fic. If a discussion comes up, I'll certainly chime in, but I regret to say that I'm rarely one of those people who makes the effort to personally contact an author just to say...thanks. 

And I think maybe I should make a greater effort.
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