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Man Love Monday

 By the way, I wanted to share the fact that I'm today's interviewee over at Nose in a Book

The lovely and charming Lisabea apparently couldn't find anyone else to interview, so she asked if I'd play, and of course I jumped at the chance. 

Lisa and her compadre Sula do a very nice job reviewing a variety of romance novels (and we've all heard ad nauseum how picky I am about reviews and reviewers). I admit I wasn't familiar with her site until my publisher pointed out a review Lisa had done of Snowball in Hell. But now I'm a fan. The girls are occasionally snarky, but genuinely funny -- and equally enthusiastic when they love something. Oh, and they do that all important thing of supporting their opinions by examples.

Yeah, yeah. I'm not winding up for a tirade, just mentioning in passing....

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